Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Instant Pot (as a slow cooker) Mac and Cheese

I love mac and cheese! I think I love a lot of foods actually, so I wanted to share my mac and cheese recipe. This is the first time I used my instant pot as a slow cooker, so I figured I would share what I have learned.

Um... I really want some mac and cheese now. Soooo yummy!


  • 16oz bag of elbow macaroni
  • 8 oz package of cream cheese
  • 12 oz block of sharp cheddar cheese (shredded)
  • 2½ cups milk
  • 1 can evaporated milk
  • Salt, pepper, and sriracha to taste
Everything but Sriracha so far.


  1. Add everything into the instant pot. 
  2. Stir everything together.
  3. Set the instant pot to the slow cooker setting. Use the 'adjust' button to set it to low temperature.
  4. Set for 2 hours. Cover with a lid and wait.
  5. When the timer goes off, stir the mac and cheese and then add salt, pepper, and sriracha. I like to split up the batch and make some spicy and some not spicy.
  6. At this point, the mac and cheese is pretty thick, add additional milk to thin out the mac and cheese to the desired consistency.

This batch didn't have Sriracha. If you want to make it a bit creamer, add more milk
until it is the desired texture.


I decided I wanted to try making mac and cheese balls. Because of that, I didn't add any additional milk, however, I think this was the wrong choice  and will add milk in the future.

The final product. Well, before cooking.

Additional awesomeness directions (to make fried mac and cheese balls):
My assembly line. Remember to use one hand for wet and
one hand for dry ingredients.
  1. Chill the mac and cheese for at least an hour, two is better.
  2. Use an ice cream scooper, spoons, or your hands to make balls of mac and cheese. You might need to roll them around in your hands, but try to be quick to prevent them from warming up.
  3. Make an egg wash. Mix 2 eggs and 2 tablespoons of milk in a small bowl.
  4. Measure 2 cups of seasoned panko bread crumbs and place in another bowl.
  5. Dip the cheese balls into the egg wash then into the bread crumbs. Place on parchment paper.
  6. Freeze overnight.
Directions (to bake):
  1. Heat oven to 425°. 
  2. Bake frozen mac and cheese balls 10-15 minutes then rotate and cook an additional 10-15 minutes until the center is hot and melty. We made massive balls, so they took a while to cook.
  3. Baking times might vary depending on ball size (lol).
Boom. Mac and Cheese balls. I really want to try these fried.

Directions (to fry):
  1. Fill dutch oven with at least 2" of oil.
  2. Heat on medium heat until oil is hot.
  3. Carefully put frozen mac and cheese balls into the hot oil for around 5 minutes. Times will vary depending on ball size.

Things I have learned:
  • I should have added more milk to make a creamier mac and cheese after the initial slow cooking.
  • I didn't purchase the instant pot slow cooker lid, however my calphalon lid worked just fine.
  • I have only baked my mac and cheese balls so far. I bet frying will taste so much better, but I don't fry a lot of things. Please let me know in the comments if you fry them.
  • This recipe makes A LOT of balls. I would recommend making the mac and cheese for a side dish, then using the leftovers to make the balls.
  • Use freshly shredded cheese for the best results.
My  calphalon lid working its magic on the instant pot
during the slow cooker function.

I hope you enjoyed this recipe. Please let me know things you may have changed to make this recipe even better. I have only made this a couple times, and I am looking for ways to improve it. Thanks for reading.

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