Saturday, April 8, 2017

The quilt that took FIVEVER!

I just wanted to put out a quick blog update that I am still around. And excited to start posting things again to this blog. I had a bunch of major projects come up that took a lot of my time. But, it is all complete and delivered, so I can finally share with you the final project.

A friend of mine needed a new heart (known as H). And, well... I didn't have much to offer other than support and I didn't want to deliver the typical food or flowers while H waited in the hospital. So, I went a bit overboard and decided to make a quilt....

Here is the final product:

I asked all of H's friends and family to donate a fabric or two that reminds them of a fun story or some inside joke they have with H and I received a bunch of fabrics with hardly any cohesive theme or color. Man, did I underestimate how much work this "simple" quilt was going to take.

The next month was spent gathering fabric from a lot of people in many different states, cutting every piece of fabric into strips and then piecing it all together to form something coherent.

Then ... it happened. H got a new heart. About 4 months sooner than expected. And I hadn't even begun the actual quilting. That began my marathon sewing for the next couple of days after work, followed by hand binding the entire king size quilt. I need to remind myself that people would still be happy with a smaller quilt.

I got the whole quilt finished and gave it to H about 3 days AFTER arriving home from the hospital.

In the end, the quilt was a success, it has brought much laughter and even a few tears.

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