Monday, September 5, 2016

13 reasons to buy the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition

Let's just cut to the chase. Why would you want to buy Silhouette Studio Designer Edition instead of sticking with the free version you can download from Silhouette?  Well for starters, that is the version I have and the version I plan to use for this blog. Many of the projects I plan to show on this blog can be done without upgrading but it might be a bit more time consuming and annoying.

In this post, I am going to give you the sweet and simple overview of the new features. Then, if you want to learn a little bit more about each feature my next two blog posts will be a more in depth analysis/explanation of what these tools can be used for.  Once those posts are up I can finally get to interesting stuff which is to cover all the features of the Designer Edition and hopefully teach you some interesting tips and tricks while making some sweet projects.

According to Silhouette’s “in-depth” chart (see below)  there are soooooo many compelling reasons for upgrading that I just had to share. I really hope you could feel the sarcasm that I tried to put into that last sentence. I mean really… this chart is just lack luster.  Plus, it is missing some of the best selling points of the software in my opinion.

No way!  Advanced eraser options!!! Tell me more.

The real 13 reasons for upgrading in no real particular order according to Christina:

1.     Nesting! I have saved a lot of vinyl using this plus it lets me be lazy when designing things because I will just let the program smush all the shapes together for me.

2.     "Adjustable pivot point rotation feature" (way more useful than it sounds).
3.     Transfer properties between shapes. Not incredibly useful, but awesome when you need it.
4. More eraser options!!!! The exclamation marks make it seem exciting and AWESOME!

5. Knife tool options! Cause I like to cut things.... out of vinyl or paper or fabric!

6. Rhinestones (trust me… it’s more useful than you think).
7. Sketch tools… because honestly, I can’t draw to save my life.
8. Skewing. For when you really want to turn things on a diagonal.
9. Rulers…. Not really sure why this isn’t a feature in the free version… it’s like a basic human right.  I mean Microsoft Word has rulers.  I never need to use rulers in Word... yet there they are.

10. Guides. These are like adjustable rulers that you can place on your work surface to align things correctly.
11. Supports .svg and .dxf files.
12. Layers pane. Layers like an onion… or perhaps parfait.  Everybody loves parfait!

13.    It isn’t as expensive as you thought.  You can get the license card on Amazon for less than retail!

And finally, to finish up this post my big mistake that almost made me look like a fool (I really hope this isn't a trend... I'm 2 for 2). I somehow deleted the #5 reason. No idea where it went. Wonder how long it would have taken for people to notice.

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