Saturday, October 1, 2016

Project Blog 2: Planner Stickers

Happy October!!! I love. love, LOVE using my bullet journal. Besides the obvious reason of keeping me organized I love all the fun stickers and embellishments I get to use.  I used to buy stickers and other less than personalized items from craft stores or Etsy (shameless plug for my Etsy store) before I taught myself how to make these stickers.  For this project blog I will be teaching you to make very basic stickers for journals, calendars, planners, scrapbooking, or whatever else you want to decorate. Now that it is officially October, I decided to go with a Halloween theme.  Here is what we are going to be making:

Halloween themed planner stickers. Halloween is the second best holiday in my opinion.

We are going to start off with creating the pointy circle thingy.  That is the official term. Other people might call it a tear drop or a pointer tag.  I'm not other people.

1. Create a circle and square. The length of the square should be equal to the radius of the circle.  In my case, I started with a 1 inch circle and a 0.5 inch square. If you are unsure of how to make a circle or square or how to get exact sizes of a circle or square check out my previous blog post called Shapes! Remember... you can always resize later.

A 1" circle and a .5" square.  Easy peasy so far.

2. Line up the center of the circle with the corner of the square.  I recommend using the 'Align Window' tool.  If you select the circle and square then align top and alight right you should be ready to go.

I used to line these up by hand before I learned what the align tool was for.

3. Select both shapes, right click on the mouse button and select the 'weld' option. The second picture below shows the before and after... not sure if I had to actually write that out, but why not?

So many options when right clicking the mouse.
We only need the weld for now.

Welding is awesome!!!

4. Next, we are going to create an offset. Select the offset tool in the upper right toolbar to create an offset.  I like to make mine 0.030 inches. This is an important step to ensure our stickers are full of color and don't have any white on the outside just in case the Cameo isn't aligned perfectly. 

The offset line looks really close to the cut line, but I promise it should be plenty of room.

5. Select the offset and in the cut settings make sure the offset is set to 'No Cut'.

6. (Optional) If you want to experiment with layers, this is a good time to start learning.  Keep the cut layer separate from the designs layer so you can change the colors quickly.

7. Now we are ready to replicate and decorate!! Or decorate and replicate... it all depends on what you would like your final project to be. If you would like an entire sheet of one color, just decorate first then replicate that exact shape a bunch of times.  If you would like various colors, I personally choose to replicate a single row first, decorate, then replicate again. 

The picture below has my shape replicated 3 times for a total of 4 pointy circle thingys. I have my layers tab up with the cut line layer NOT visible. This is so I can easily select the design layer to change patterns quickly and easily. I love patterned stickers, but you can fill your stickers with solid colors using the paint bucket in the upper right tool bar.

Everything is looking so pretty! Can't wait to start cutting.

8. Next, I replicated my shapes to the right 4 times to give me a total of 20 pointy circle thingys.  At this point you should make sure your print and cut boundaries are showing so you know where you can place your stickers on your work area.  If you would like, change the size of some of your stickers so you can have big and little ones.

Replicated and Decorated!  Added print and cut lines.  Keep the shapes in the boundaries to avoid issues.

9. Next, I am going to create two different arrows using the same process of welding shapes together.

10. Take these new arrows and create an offset. Remember to make the offset a 'No Cut' line. Then replicate and decorate!!!

"Draw the rest of the owl."  I really hope you all know what I mean when I say that.  I have a feeling I will be using it often.

11. All that is left to do is print on sticker paper and cut them out on your machine.

I LOVED how these turned out.  I just wanted to show you what they look liked cut out.

This is a not so great picture so you can see the usefulness of the offset. 

Thanks for following along.  Please leave any questions you may have in the comments and I will do my best to answer them for you. Please post or send me any of your final projects! I would love to see your ideas on thing and how you adapted what I have made to make it your own.

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